“I first began working with P. A. Weiss to help me be more effective in my communication with my upline as well as the leadership matrix in my work environment. Our work quickly evolved and expanded to include personal development through introspection, and then exploring topics of leadership development germane to my situation. Not only have I found our work together stimulating, but I am certain that it has enabled my development as a leader.”

—Senior Clinical Executive, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“I began my time with P. A. Weiss at a point in my career where I had enjoyed many years of success and had just made it to a job classification at the executive level. Phillip identified my passions and pitfalls early on and structured his approach in a fact-based manner. Simple conversation quickly gave way to pivotal behavior change through applied science. P. A. Weiss challenged comments, insights and personal observations to truly coach versus checking a meeting box. His guidance has had a direct impact to my personal and organizational performance that would not have happened in his absence.”

—Bob Frasier, Director, Program Management Office, Aon Consulting

“I accepted a role in at my company that I knew would be a stretch for me….unfortunately I experienced less than optimum performance for the first time in my career and was strongly advised to begin a coaching program to improve my personal communication style.”

I selected P. A. Weiss. We began our sessions by setting goals and discussing my background. A key first concept and learning was to be less emotional and more cerebral. To do this, I needed to give my brain a little time to catch up with my emotions when faced with a stressful environment – rather than simply reacting. I call this technique my six second vacation. It has helped me better assess the situation, decide if I truly want to engage and if so how I want to engage – giving me a choice on how to react….

To date, I have successfully navigated through a few “sticky” situations quite well. I realize that this continues to be work in progress but am confident that my newly acquired tools will help.

—Director, Spectra Energy

“It was a pivotal career moment for me. The Company was re-structuring and I was a candidate for a senior leadership position but needed to convince multiple stakeholders that in addition to having the technical skills for the position, I was able to collaborate, internally sell and ultimately network within a senior leadership team. I am extremely pleased to advise that I was ultimately promoted to my dream role but this would have not been possible without P. A. Weiss’s guidance and in-depth coaching. He challenged me to seek self-improvement and to view subjects and challenges differently. I would gladly recommend P. A. Weiss’s coaching to any manager seeking self-awareness and ultimately career growth.”

—Terry Donohoe, Senior Vice President, Ocean Freight, DB Schenker


“Phillip provided facilitation services for our offsite Exploration and New Ventures forum as we discussed our strategic plans. He ensured that all the participants were engaged and contributed positively to the discussions. He did this with a firm, but light touch, keeping the discussions on track and focused, but at times appropriately allowing for wide-ranging discussions. Within a short time, his perceptions of the participants allowed him to get the best out of them and ensured effective contributions from all.”

—Derek Stewart, Senior Vice President, Americas, West Africa and Middle East, Murphy Oil

Strategy Facilitation and Coaching

“As a newly formed business, we had put an emphasis on producing work, but were lacking a clear long-term identity. Phillip helped us develop a distinct corporate mission and define our client base.”

“Phillip is very attentive and inquisitive. He was able to moderate conversations to distill the important facets of our business. He is also appropriately flexible so that we could focus our energies on the items that were most critical for our business.”

“We believe that our work with Phillip will greatly improve our business from marketing to management. We are now more focused and better understand how to allocate our resources.”

—Brad and Jes Dougherty, Owners, InsightStructures

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