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Phillip Weiss Profile

Phillip Weiss

Owner and Executive Coach

Phillip Weiss is an organizational consultant and executive coach specializing in leadership development and workplace relationships. He possesses over 32 years of corporate experience. Phillip is an expert in organization assessment…

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Dewitt Dees Profile

Dewitt Dees

Principal and Executive Coach

Dewitt Dees is a Principal at Iridium Leadership, a North Carolina-based executive coaching and consulting firm helping leaders and their teams achieve positive, sustainable change in themselves and their professional relationships.

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Teresa Karns Edmondson Profile

Teresa Karns Edmondson

Executive Coach

Teresa Karns Edmondson, M.Ed, LPC, is the founder of Edmondson Consulting Group, a consulting firm specializing in coaching individuals and teams towards peak performance and guiding organizations thru major change and transformation initiatives.

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Priscilla Friesen

Priscilla Friesen

Leadership Consultant

Priscilla Friesen is a seasoned leadership consultant and Founding Member of Navigating Systems, LLC, a Business Consulting and Services Company whose focus is on the capacity to observe and manage…

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Precilia Freetage

Administrative Director

Precilia has spent her career gathering experience in the various dimensions of small business needs. She has a legal background that depicts her natural attention to detail and desire for all things in order.

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Loren Bembry

Loren Bembry

Digital Media Manager

Loren joins Iridium Leadership with an extensive background in communications, from working in Congressional offices and on Congressional Campaigns to being the Vice President of Communications…

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Susan Elhindi

Executive Assistant

Susan brings her multifaceted skill set to Iridium Leadership, boasting a robust background in project management, human resources, and now, comprehensive calendar management and event planning.

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