In-House Leadership Development

Our team of highly trained coaches works alongside our clients and stakeholders to ensure that the content developed is a high-impact, custom leadership training program for your organization’s leaders.

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What is In-House Leadership Development Training?

Leadership training is a highly experiential development journey. The learning modules, coaching, and work outside the classroom is tailored to our clients’ unique goals and objectives.

Our Approach

At Iridium Leadership, we know one size does not fit all when it comes to leadership training. Our team of highly trained individuals works alongside our clients and stakeholders to ensure the content developed is a high-impact, custom leadership training program for your organization’s leaders.

In-House Leadership Development Process


Stress the importance of the larger powerful context that the leader functions in

People Development

Promote the responsibility of the leader to coach and develop his/her people


Engage successful leaders who want to hone their skills and be challenged

Strengths and Gaps

Emphasize strengths as well as filling gaps


Personal Accountability

Emphasize personal responsibility for self-development and team outcomes – one’s self as the primary leadership tool.

Adult-Learning Format

Utilize multiple learning platforms geared toward adult application and retention and deliver in a no-nonsense, highly experiential format

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Iridium Leadership Solutions fully subscribes to and practices the ethical standards upheld by the International Coaches Federation (ICF).

Key Elements to Proven Success

Saw a positive impact on their leadership effectiveness

Saw a positive impact on their organization

Defined Cohorts and Learning Sessions 

Meeting over regularly scheduled intervals of approximately every 6 – 8 weeks

One-On-One Coaching

Interwoven with cohort sessions and always relevant to the critical objectives of the program

High-Impact Assignments

Engaging the student and others in their personal and professional development with a focus on matters of business and leadership significance

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying


Jeff Wahleithner
Former VP of Global Deepwater Wells at Royal Dutch Shell
Service: In-House Leadership Development

Shell’s leader of Global Deepwater Wells came to us with a desire to build stronger relationships and communications between teams and assist his leaders in working more effectively. Through our customized coaching solutions, Iridium Leadership helped him uncover his strengths, identify potential roadblocks and build a culture of support & trust between leaders and their teams while improving cross-functional interaction between departments.


Charles Ohlson
Director of Asset Development Team at Whiting Petroleum
Service: In-House Leadership Development

Whiting Petroleum’s leadership team tasked Iridium Leadership with developing and delivering a high-impact, customized leadership development program named WLL Lead™.  Over ninety of Whiting’s top level managers from C-Suite to Director levels were involved.   Some of the program’s goals included developing a common culture within the organization while focusing on real-world, practical skills to increase communication; trust, and collectively set the course to meet our client’s strategies and objectives.

Results You Can Expect from In-House Leadership Development Training

  • Create and sustain a common leadership language and culture
  • Drive business results through enhanced individual leadership effectiveness and employee development
  • Increase employee retention
  • Engage and mobilize leaders to move their skills to the next level
  • Raise the accountability and performance bars
  • Enhance cross-functional interaction with all departments in your organization
  • Overcome communication, collaboration, and relationship obstacles that can slow down your progress
  • Develop a coaching culture in your organization
  • Develop high potential employees
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