Our Methodology

Bowen Theory

Core to all we believe at Iridium Leadership is that as leaders, we are part of a more extensive and ever-changing emotional system. This concept is essential to our work with clients.

We provide a foundational understanding of how leadership is a dynamic process grounded within the emotional systems in which people work. Our goal is to challenge leaders to “see” differently by understanding all the pieces at play and to “think” differently by becoming more intentional and less reactive in all situations. By doing this, the leader begins to “act” differently by being a more deliberate, less-anxious presence.

The end result is an organization that begins to function differently – more thoughtful, more productive, and more focused on reaching its goals and objectives.

The Birkman Method™️

Assessments are a valuable tool when launching a Leadership Coaching engagement. The Birkman Method™️ is the assessment of choice for Iridium Leadership and for a good reason. It provides rich insights into motivation, perception, and mindset. Birkman reports on both behavioral and occupational data and is the only assessment to tap into individual expectations—by uncovering the formula for exactly what each needs to thrive.  Once taken, multiple reports can be run to leverage a team or company’s strengths and identify gaps to improve overall performance.

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