Precilia Freetage

Precilia Freetage

About Precilia

Precilia has spent her career gathering experience in the various dimensions of small business needs. She has a legal background that depicts her natural attention to detail and desire for all things in order.

Precilia supports Iridium Leadership with a confident tone and a get-it-done attitude. Precilia oversees project management, guides the team on deliverables, streamlines business efficiencies, develops organizational policies, oversees the day-to-day operations, manages vendor relationships, and more.

Precilia is dependable and thorough in her various skill sets. From organizational development to project coordination, customized research solutions, operational development to CRM integration, and keeping up with social media insights, put your needs in her worthy hands. You can be sure she will get it done with excellence.

Precilia holds a Paralegal Certification and studied Political Science & English at Sam Houston State University. She and her husband enjoy movie and dinner dates, going dancing, and weekend getaways.

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